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Portrait of Top Model Lysis

Sold !!!

Color : Red
Materials : Oil | Masonite Hardboard
Dimensions : (L) 19cm (W) 5cm (H) 24cm
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  • Period : 20th Century
  • Categories : Fine Art
  • Materials and Techniques : Oil | Masonite Hardboard
  • Conditions : Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • Dimensions : (L) 19cm (W) 5cm (H) 24cm
  • Reference Number : 046_2017_00847_PA
  • Seller name : Violon d'ingres
  • Artist :
    Joseph Charles Louis Jean Gabriel Domergue (1889 – 1962) was a French engraver watercolorist draughtsman and painter of figures nudes portraits landscapes and flowers. While enrolled in the Fine Arts School of Paris he studied under an impressive number o
  • Product :
    A master of portraits of Parisian women in all their sumptuosity refinement and debauchery Domergue captured with talent and a keen eye both the fashions and the aspirations of his time. His work paved the way for Pin-Up art and with it he created a new type of woman. With a coy slant in her eyes pouting coral lips and a dainty up-turned nose Lysis is portrayed flaunting her ethereal beauty and impeccable sense of fashion with a sensual blend of both absolute devotion and complete disdain towards the viewer. Signed in the bottom left corner.

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