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Bridge over the Creuse ca. 1903

Color : Blue
Materials : Oil | Wood
Dimensions : (L) 35cm (W) 5cm (H) 27cm
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  • Period : 20th Century
  • Categories : Fine Art
  • Materials and Techniques : Oil | Wood
  • Conditions : Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • Dimensions : (L) 35cm (W) 5cm (H) 27cm
  • Reference Number : 046_2017_00846_PA
  • Seller name : Violon d'ingres
  • Artist :

    Paul Madeline (1863 – 1920) was a French post-impressionist painter. He first discovered the Creuse during a trip in 1894 and would since be inspired by the region and its surroundings as well as by other painters of the Creuse like Armand Guillaumin w

  • Product :

    This painting is a fine example of Paul Madeline's ability to capture the charm and mystery of the Creuse through graceful and delicate brushwork and a moderately impressionistic style. His light brushtrokes and plush color palette combine to create the signature elements of his work: an extraordinary rendering of natural light striking clarity and a harmony of moss greens and lavender violets. Signed P. Madelineon the bottom left corner.

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