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The Forge of Vulcan 18th c.

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Color : Black
Materials : Paper and Ink
Dimensions : (L) 56cm (W) 0cm (H) 63cm
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  • Period : 18th Century
  • Categories : Fine Art
  • Materials and Techniques : Paper and Ink
  • Conditions : Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • Dimensions : (L) 56cm (W) 0cm (H) 63cm
  • Reference Number : 042_2017_00553_PA
  • Seller name : Michel CABOTSE
  • Product :

    Vulcan was the roman god of fire volcanoes and forges. Son of Jupiter and Juno he was shunned by his mother because of his monstrous appearance. Rescued and raised by the sea-Nymph Thetis he became fascinated by fire and grew into a talented blacksmith manufacturing arms and jewlery for the gods including Jupiter's lighting bolts. In vengeance for her rejection he offered Juno a chair that trapped her for three day until Jupiter offered to make Venus his wife if he would set her free. The engraving represents Venus and Cupid in Vulcan's forge as painted by J. M. B. Pierre and engraved by Louis Simon Lempereur (1728 – 1807) whose engravings of works by major artists like Rembrandt can be found in the collections of several important museums. This engraving has been dedicated to the Marquis of Marigny adviser to the king.

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