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Delphine 2016

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Color : Dark Brown
Materials : Bronze. Smooth Finish.
Dimensions : (L) 21cm (W) 21cm (H) 46cm
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  • Period : 21st Century
  • Style : Contemporary
  • Categories : Fine Art
  • Materials and Techniques : Bronze. Smooth Finish.
  • Conditions : Excellent. Wear consistent with age and use.
  • Dimensions : (L) 21cm (W) 21cm (H) 46cm
  • Reference Number : 045_2017_00896_SC
  • Seller name : Christian CANDELIER
  • Artist :

    Christian Candelier was passionate about art since an early age but only discovered his talent as sculptor in the year 2000. Through intense study under experts and artists he quickly developed his own gaze and style finally deciding on the female nude

  • Product :

    Figuratif nude of a sensual woman wearing a broad rimmed hat and holding it with her hands against her head. Her body leans gracefully defying gravity and anchored by her left leg outstreched and en pointe while her right leg is raised against her torso in a delicate movement that evokes dance.

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